Modyfying Elements on a report

CDM+ includes several highly-customizable reports that allow you to completely control their content and layout. These include Name Badges, Check-In Reports, the Yearbook Directory and Checks. Here are several tips for positioning the fields on these reports.

Let’s say you have three fields on a name badge that you want to align to each other. Click the field against which you want to align all three fields first. Then, hold down Shift and click the other two. Right-click (or control-click on a Mac) any of the fields and choose Align Left. Right-click again and choose Same Width. Your fields will be nicely aligned.

Say you add an image to your Check-In report, like a star, and want to repeat it several times. You can easily duplicate the graphic by holding down option (on a Mac) or alt (on Windows) and dragging it to a new area of the report. This tip is particularly helpful when adding a barcode to a report. Duplicate the barcode field and use the align tip to stack the fields on top of each other. This creates a tall and easy-to-scan barcode.