Copy the Current-Year Budget

A nearly universal task undertaken by CDM+ users is annual budgeting. And unless you’re a startup church or undergoing a major overhaul of your chart of accounts, chances are you’re simply tweaking last year’s budget. CDM+ offers some time-saving tools to make this process easier.

When budgeting season rolls around, begin by copying your current-year budget to the next year. Open the Budget window in CDM+, choose your current year in the top left-hand corner and click Copy Year. Enter a description for the new budget year, such as 2010 General Budget, and click OK. CDM+ will take a moment and create a new budget year that matches your current-year budget exactly. Enter just the changes from year-to-year and you’re all done.

Copying a budget year is also a great way to try out several budgets. Perhaps your finance committee plans two different budgets and wants to see them side-by-side. Use the copy feature to create both versions of the budget and then run a Budget Comparison report to highlight the differences.