What do I do if I receive an NSF check back from the bank?


When your bank returns a check for non-sufficient funds (NSF), your original deposit amount is not changed, but rather the bank issues a "charge" to your bank account for the amount of the check and, in many cases, charges a service fee.

In order to facilitate bank reconciliation in CDM+ you will need to enter this charge back and any additional bank service charge. You will also need to amend the Giver's contribution record to reflect the amount on the NSF check.

The PDF document associated with this Q&A covers the following steps in detail:

Step 1 - Gather detailed information on the original Contribution Entry

Step 2 - Create the Contribution Entry to reverse the original gift

Step 3 - Post the contribution batch to the ledger to create the reversal entry

Step 4 - Enter the bank service charge (if applicable) in the ledger

Click here for step-by-step instructions.