Printing Tips

CDM+ uses a common window for producing reports. Here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of this window.

Use the Preview

Click Show Preview to see how your report will appear when printed. The preview is attached to the report window, making it easy to adjust fonts, report options, sorts and margins and then see how the report is affected simply by clicking Refresh. Once the preview is open, you can also press Command-R (Mac OS X) or Ctrl-R (Windows) to refresh the report.

Use Screen Reports

Printing a report to the screen is more than an easy way to see how the report will appear when printed. Screen report windows stay open after you close a report window. Say you want to investigate some ledger entries that appear on a Ledger by Accounts report. Print the report to the screen, close the report window and open Ledger Entries. You can look up reference numbers from the screen report without having to waste paper. From the screen report, you can even select a reference number and copy and paste it into the Ledger Entries' search field. And if you decide you want a paper copy of the report after all, the screen report has a convenient print button at the top.