How do I get barcodes to print on mailing labels or envelopes?

I check the Barcode box on the Label/Envelopes report setup window, but they don't print.


The short answer is—have your addresses CASS certified. CDM+ 8.1.2 will print barcodes only on addresses that have a current (not expired) CASS certification because without the certification, a barcode is incomplete and therefore wrong. An incomplete barcode may actually slow down your mail!

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification is a process of comparing your addresses only (not names) against a database maintained by the U.S. Postal Service of all deliverable addresses in the U.S. When you have your addresses CASS certified, they are returned to you for import into CDM+ in standard U.S. Post Office format (no punctuation, standard abbreviations). If an address is found to be deliverable, it is also returned with the necessary information to print a Delivery Point Barcode and is internally coded as CERTIFIED.

CASS Certification every 180 days is REQUIRED if you mail at Automation rates (Standard or First Class), and the certification coding in CDM+ will expire. You may mail at Standard Non-Automation (presort bulk) rates without CASS certifying your addresses because Non-Automation Standard mailings DO NOT include barcodes in the address.

You may still wish to have your addresses CASS certified even if you don’t plan to mail at Automation rates. Certifying your addresses can result in your mail being delivered faster and more accurately. Be aware though, that just because an address certifies, it doesn’t mean it is the correct address for an individual or family. Having your CDM+ records checked for people having moved requires NCOA processing (See the Bulk Mail article in the 11/12/08 issue of The CDM+ Connection).

Click here for step-by-step instructions for CASS certifying your CDM+ addresses.