Setting the Startup Window in CDM+

After logging in to CDM+, you will see a Welcome to CDM+ window by default. This window, which is also accessible via the Support menu, provides a convenient way to access various programs in CDM+ and discover new features. If, however, you’d like CDM+ to take you directly to another window when opening, it’s a simple preference change to make this happen.

Access your CDM+ User Preferences (under the CDM+ menu on Mac OS X or the File menu under Windows). Click the Defaults option under the General tab. You will see three options under “At startup.” Choosing the first will open the standard welcome window. The second, Do Nothing, will cause CDM+ not to open any windows after you log in. Note that this option is automatically selected if you click “Don’t show this window at startup” on the Welcome to CDM+ window. The third option is particularly helpful, as it allows you to open any window in CDM+ after logging in.

If you’re a bookkeeper and tend to work from the accounting program, you might want to open the Welcome to Accounting window because its “Windows” tab provides a convenient starting point for the key features in Accounting. Select Accounting in the first list, then Welcome to Accounting in the second. Or, perhaps you tend to use CDM+ just to look up families. Choose Membership in the first list, then Address Records in the second. The possibilities are endless and provide yet another way to make CDM+ fit your workflow.