Automatic Backups & CDM+

Automated backup systems have been used in office environments for years. No doubt many of you already use some form of automatic backup to protect your valuable documents and other data. These programs back up data to a server or other type of external hard drive (maybe even to a site on the Internet) on a preset schedule. They are very convenient and provide office staff with the confidence and security that important information can be recovered in the wake of a computer problem.

Years ago, in CDM+ versions prior to 8.1, you could use one of these automated systems to back up the CDM+ datafile. However, with the introduction of CDM+ 8.1 we changed the CDM+ structure from a datafile to a SQL database server, which meant you could no longer back up CDM+ data with a third-party automated system. A CDM+ 8.1 database could be backed up manually and saved anywhere, but it required that the user remember to regularly create a backup.

But things change! Did you know that CDM+ 8.1.2 now gives you the convenience of automatic backups from within CDM+ itself? No more remembering to start the CDM+ backup just before you leave for the day!

The Automatic Backup feature in CDM+ 8.1.2 makes a copy of your database(s) and saves a compressed copy to a location you choose. If you already have a separate automated backup system, you can set the CDM+ Automatic Backup to save your files in a location so that the automated backup system will save those files just like it saves the rest of the files on your computer. You also have the ability in CDM+ 8.1.2 to back up your data to an external hard drive or even upload it to a site on the Internet using FTP (file transfer protocol) using the CDM+ Automatic Backup feature. An off-site backup not only protects your data in case of hard drive failure, but also means important information is not lost in case of a fire, flood or theft of the church’s computer equipment.

The setup and use of the Automatic Backup feature in CDM+ 8.1.2 is very easy. We have developed tutorial documents for both our Macintosh and Windows users that will assist you in setting up the CDM+ Automatic Backup feature.

You can get these documents here. Windows or Macintosh