How can I move information from CDM+ into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word?

Sometimes I want to "pretty up" a report before I send it to a committee or I want to sort information in an order that isn't available in CDM+.


It’s easy. Select the report you want and configure it as you wish. Then click the Print button. Instead of selecting the printer, however, select Print to Screen. The report will generate and appear in a new window. From this screen display, select the Clipboard tool from the toolbar at the top. Open Excel and either create a new spreadsheet or open an existing one. Select the cell in your spreadsheet where you want to insert the CDM+ information. Select the Edit Menu from the menu bar, and then select Paste to drop the CDM+ information into your spreadsheet.

Now you can use any of Excel’s functions to change the appearance, change the ‘sort,’ or perform additional calculations.

NOTE: The report destination window also provides a Clipboard destination. We recommend that you print to the screen and then direct the screen output to the clipboard instead of printing directly to the Clipboard.

Get a how-to PDF with screenshots.