Access Settings in User Management

When multiple people use CDM+, you create a user account for each person. This not only gives everyone their own window positions, preferences and other settings, but also lets the CDM+ administrator control what each person can and cannot do in the program. If you have many users in the program, you can save significant time when configuring these permissions by using Access Settings.

An access setting has options for controlling what a person can do in the program, just like a user does. You can create a setting for membership information lookup, or contributions data entry, for example. Highlight a user on the User Management window and click on an access setting to automatically set their permissions. This allows you to rapidly create several user accounts with the same permissions.

Access settings go one step further by allowing you to quickly adjust permissions for existing users. When you change an access setting and there are users using that setting, CDM+ will ask if you want to apply the changes to those users. If you select an access setting for an existing user, CDM+ will ask if you want to set that user’s permissions to match those of the access setting. However, if you delete an access setting, users using that setting will not be deleted, nor will their permissions change. For more information on Access Settings, see the User Management section of the Administrative Tools manual.