Find Your Flock with ZeeMaps

Summertime is a time of picnics, vacations and outdoor projects. It is also one of the busiest times for families to move. One of the challenges of any church office is trying to keep up with these address changes. Whether it is new families moving into the community or families in the church moving across town, sometimes it is helpful to see on a map where people live. A free mapping tool we recommend at our Users Conference is ZeeMaps. This online tool is free and easy to use. You can export any list created in CDM+ and within minutes have those names and addresses appear as points on a map of your choosing.

Exporting a list from CDM+ is easy. Look for the Exports section on any of the program Reports menus and choose the type of export you want. On the setup window, you can add an export set specifically for ZeeMaps with basic information such as name and address. ZeeMaps works best with a comma-delimited file, so remember to select that option on the export setup window. Once you have selected the names you want on the list, click on Export and save the file to your hard drive.

To access ZeeMaps, open your Internet browser and enter The first time you use ZeeMaps you will need to click on Sign-in/Register and create a login with your email address and a password. No personal information is required. Once you are logged in, go to My Maps and click Create New Map. Give your map a name, enter the Starting Location and click Create. On the new page that opens, select Upload CSV File from the Additions menu and follow the instructions. ZeeMaps may take up to an hour to process your request, but in our experience it is usually just minutes before you get an email that your map is ready. You can customize your map’s markers, zoom-in and zoom-out and even publish the map for others to access. Maps are stored under your account for future retrieval and updating. There are lots of features to explore with ZeeMaps. We trust you find it a valuable tool for your ministry.