Instant Maps & Directions with the MapQuest Link

CDM+ can provide instant maps of street addresses using the MapQuest website. Open your User Preferences (under the CDM+ menu on Mac OS X or the File menu under Windows) and click the MapQuest item at the top. Make sure the option to Disable MapQuest Links is un-checked. Click Save and open Address Records. Find someone with a street address and click the MapQuest button to view a map of that address. Note: this requires an active connection to the Internet.

While the ability to see a map of an address in one click is very helpful, CDM+ goes a few steps further. Back on the MapQuest Preferences, you can control the zoom or show an aerial photo for the maps you open. Perhaps the most helpful preference is the ability to show driving directions. Enter an address (like the church office) and click Save. When you click the MapQuest button, you will see the route and turn-by-turn directions between the two addresses. If you’d like to easily adjust the starting address when you click MapQuest, enable the option Show these settings when a link is clicked. CDM+ will now prompt you for the starting address whenever you click MapQuest.