Track Your Church Pulse by Tracking Volunteers

Volunteers are at the “heart” of most of the ministries of your church. Their combined talents and efforts result in many of the “inreach” and “outreach” contacts and services to prospects, guests and members of your church. It would not be an overstatement to call their collective efforts the “pulse” of your church ministry. Would you be interested in tracking—putting a quantifying number—on their collective efforts? Would you like to be able to measure the “pulse” of your church’s volunteer ministries? Do you hold a special volunteer recognition dinner and need to know who has offered their gifts and talents to the work of God’s kingdom?

CDM+ provides you with an easy method of tracking these volunteer services and ministry in hours served and times served. This tracking is maintained through the use of the Visitation Records in the Membership program. Simply enter the number of hours completed in the Mileage field each time a volunteer serves. Two user-defined fields are available to create custom codes for tracking the area and type of service completed by your volunteers. These custom codes may be set up in the Master Coding System of CDM+ (select Staff and Visitation Type on the Built-In tab). A comment may be added to each record entry for more detail, if desired.

A variety of time sensitive reports are available for measuring this “pulse” of volunteer ministry. Reports detailing each individual’s service by category or type are easily created. Summary reports by all categories or types, or by selected categories and types, are readily available. Want to see a quick summary of the date and times an individual provided volunteer service? Just view the Visits tab of the individual record for such a summary list. Imagine calling a volunteer with such a detailed list right in front of you as you thank them for their service. What a way to touch the “pulse” of your church!