No Worry Remote Access

In the last issue of The CDM+ Connection we argued that in this age of on-demand, online information, your office staff and leadership should have access to the church’s information even when not in the church office. Our challenge has been how to provide remote online access to CDM+ data without sacrificing the power, flexibility and strength of a desktop application. Our solution is to allow CDM+ on your computer to connect to your data over the Internet so you can work from home, the office, or wherever you can get online. So… what’s needed to make this happen?

To begin it is important to understand some basic principles and components. CDM+ is made up of two major elements—the program and your data. The data is stored on a single computer called a database server. The program (CDM+) can be installed on as many computers as you want. CDM+ and the database server communicate over a network. Even if you have CDM+ installed on just one computer you still have a program and a database server that talk to each other using a networking language. The fact that CDM+ communicates with a networking language is critical to accessing CDM+ remotely because the Internet is just another network.

Inside the church office, it’s relatively simple to connect CDM+ to your database server. This is because each computer in your office, including the database server, has a unique address on your network. You can think of this address like the street address for a house. If you direct your co-worker to 213 High Street he will be able to find that location, and it will be the right location since you can’t have two houses at that address.

However, extending CDM+ to communicate over the Internet is more complex because it is a larger network made of many smaller networks like your church office. If you live in Boston and tell your cousin in Houston that you will meet her at 213 High St., which house should she go to? 213 High St. in Boston or 213 High St. in Houston?

The problem with connecting two computers over the Internet is that the unique address of your database server in the church office loses its meaning once you move outside your network. While there is only one 213 High Street in Boston, there might be hundreds of 213 High Streets in the country—thousands across the globe. So how can you direct CDM+ on your computer to your database server when you’re not in the church office?

CDM+ provides a Data Hosting Service that solves this problem. We put your existing CDM+ data on one of our secure hosting servers. You’re given a user ID and password which you enter in CDM+ once. This tells CDM+ how to find your data over the Internet, wherever you may be. Data Hosting eliminates all the hassle and challenges of finding the right computer between networks and over the Internet—it just works.

When you use CDM+ Data Hosting, you log into CDM+ the same as you always did. The only difference is that your computer needs to be connected to the Internet—whether that’s in the church office or at home. Anywhere you can connect a computer with CDM+ on it to the Internet you can securely access your church’s information. Plus, with the CDM+ Data Hosting Service, we take the worry away. No worrying about hard drives crashing or keeping the server up-to-date. We even back up your data for you every night and save it for a week—so your data is safe, even if disaster strikes your office.

The CDM+ Data Hosting Service is not the only way to have remote access to your CDM+ data. Some churches have the necessary infrastructure and the network-savvy people needed to set up remote access and maintain it. If your church has such resources, we charge you nothing extra for remote access to your CDM+ data. Our tech support staff is happy to work with your network person to put it in place. But for those who do not have the resources or do not want the worry of making sure their system is always up and running, we provide the hosting service for a nominal monthly fee. For more information on remote access and CDM+ Data Hosting visit Click here for a PDF with all the CDM+ Data Hosting Service fine print. For more information or to enroll in the service, please contact our Sales Department at 877-891-4236 or

Why keep the life-giving information of you church confined to the church office? Give your staff and leaders the freedom to access it anywhere, anytime. Look into the powerful strength of CDM+ remote access and the Data Hosting Service today.