Setting Giving Funds for Batch Contributions Entry - Part 2

In the last issue we examined how to auto-load a Detail line for each giving fund during Batch Contributions entry. It was stated that this will list a Detail line for either the system default giving fund or for those giving funds selected on the Batch Contributions Setup window. Now we will look at the Batch Contributions Setup/ window.

This window opens automatically when you Add a new batch in Batch Contributions Entry or when you click the Modify Batches button at the bottom of the Batch Entry window.

Click the far right-hand Funds drop-down arrow to display all of your giving funds that are not marked inactive. Check each Giving Fund for which you wish to auto-load a Detail line. Note that you must select the default Giving Fund if you wish that to be included.

Once selected, a Detail line will be displayed for each entry. If you need to make an entry to a giving fund not listed, simply click the drop-down arrow at the right of the Giving Fund field to open the complete list of active giving funds. Select the Fund that you need.