Setting Giving Funds for Batch Contributions Entry - Part 1

Auto-loading a detail line for each giving fund during Batch Contributions entry

CDM+ provides several time-saving shortcuts for the selection of giving funds in the batch contribution entry process. How your Batch Contribution Entry session behaves with regards to the giving fund breakdown area can be controlled in several places.

Visit the CDM+ System Preferences (under File > Preferences on Windows or CDM+ > Preferences on Mac OS X). The Contributions > Batches area provides a checkbox to “Automatically load a detail line for each default fund for the selected batch” (you may also temporarily set this by clicking the Prefs button at the bottom of the Batch Contributions Entry window). This ensures that each contribution entry will automatically list a detail line for either the system default giving fund or for those giving funds selected on the batch contributions setup window.

The system default giving fund is set on the Giving Funds Setup window (Program > Contributions > Contributions Setup). Click the Giving Funds button at the bottom left of this window to open this. The center column is marked Default. Select the Giving Fund that you want to set as the system default. Note that you can only specify ONE Giving Fund as the default.