Single vs. Multi window settings

When working in CDM+, it’s common to collect windows. You might have the Address Records window open to quickly update e-mail addresses. You might have the AP invoices window to file the bills that arrived in the morning’s mail. And you might have a couple of reports—like a Current Balance Sheet or Attendance Summary—open as well. While having all this information available at once might save you some time, managing all those windows can quickly become time-consuming, even with a large monitor.

CDM+ offers a preference to help you keep its windows under control. Visit the CDM+ User Preferences (under File -> Preferences on Windows or CDM+ -> Preferences on Mac OS X) and click Windowing under the General tab. On the left side of the window are two choices: Multiple Window Mode and Single Window Mode. Multiple Window Mode (the default since 2004) lets you open as many windows in CDM+ as you wish. When you click a jump button to open a new window (like Individuals on the bottom of Address Records), click a toolbar icon or choose a menu item, the current window stays open. Under Single Window Mode, clicking that same button or menu item closes the current window before opening the new one. This window option is a trade-off between keeping your focus on one window at a time versus having access to several windows at once.

Single Window Mode causes another shift in program behavior. Under Multiple Window Mode, the main Program menu at the top of the screen shows a line for each CDM+ program. Each line expands to show you commands for that program. Under Single Window Mode, items on the Program menu do not expand. Instead, clicking on the Membership line, for example, installs a Membership menu at the top of the screen with all the membership commands. Moving to another program, like Contributions, removes the Membership menu and installs a Contributions menu in its place.

Remember, the window mode is a user setting, so you can experiment with each mode without affecting other CDM+ users.