Quickly Duplicate a Roommate Event

Let’s say you have an annual event at your church, like Vacation Bible School, that occurs every year. However, the timing of the event shifts so much there’s no pattern to it—one year it’s the first week of June, the next it’s in July, the next it’s back to June . . . but during the 3rd week. While CDM+ Roommate lets you create recurring events, your Vacation Bible School moves around too much to take advantage of this feature. But don’t worry – you don’t have to recreate the entire event from scratch each year. Roommate lets you easily duplicate, or copy, your events.

There are two ways to duplicate an event. First, you can right-click (or control-click on Mac OS X) the event on the Event Schedule window and choose Duplicate. This creates a new event that has all the details of the original, and appends the word “copy” to the event description. You can change whatever information you want, like the start and end date, and the original event will remain unchanged. If you decide you don’t want the copy, simply click Delete.

The other way to duplicate an event is through the Inspector. Click the small “I” button on the event schedule to open the Inspector. Click on the event you want to copy and then click Duplicate. You’ll get the same duplicate you would if you right-clicked (or control-clicked) the event and chose Duplicate.