Create a Quick Custom Report

The Grid is a powerful spreadsheet-like tool that lets you make broad changes easily. But did you know it also lets you create quick reports?

Begin by finding a list of results you’d like to print, like “all Giving Units whose last gift date was more than six months ago.” Click Grid and you’ll see the default columns for the Giving Unit Information window. If you want to include different columns on your report, like the giver’s care group, click Choose Columns and select the information you’d like to see on your report.

Click Print and you’ll get some additional options like the name for the report and background striping options. You can print this report to the screen, printer, a text file, etc.

Here’s another tip: Click Choose Sort Fields and choose a field like Care Group. Set it to Subtotal and check the option to Print Counts Only. Voilà—an instant report of the care groups in your church and the number of non-contributing members in each group.