Confirmation Notices

CDM+ Event Registration lets you create a letter, card or e-mail notice that can be sent to confirm an individual’s registration for an event. Here are a few tips for using the Confirmation Notices feature.

  1. When you create a confirmation notice, any existing registrations will not be marked to receive the new notice—only new registrations will. You can reset the existing registrations using the Notice Queue (Program -> Event Registration -> Notice Queue). Click Reset on your new notice and you’ll see any existing registrations appear under the pending column.

  2. Let’s say you want to register a camp counselor for church camp, but she doesn’t need
    a confirmation notice. Open Registration Entry and find her registration. Switch to the Notices tab, click Change and check “Skip” for that notice. Click Save and CDM+ won’t send a notice to her when you use the Notice Queue.

  3. If a registrant lost their confirmation notice and would like you to re-send it, find his/her registration in Registration Entry and go to the Notices tab. If you want to send the notice immediately, click Send. If, however, you’d like this registrant to get a notice the next time you use the Notice Queue, click Reset.