Setting Record Window Options

Record frame windows in CDM+ can be used for all kinds of work. Address and Individual records might be used more for adjusting existing information, while View Payroll might be used to confirm that the most recent payroll calculations are correct. Some windows, like Vendor Records, might be used to look up names and addresses for reference. Record Frame windows have several options that cater to these different uses, one of which is what records should be displayed when the window is opened.

Click Window Options on any record frame window and you’ll see a set of three radio buttons in the Find Options box on the right. Choose Show all records when opening (300 max) for windows you use to look up information, like Vendor Records. Choose Load Last Find for windows where you’re looking at the same find results each time. This works great with a find of “Posted to Ledger equal to no” in View Payroll. Finally, choose Show no records for windows where you’re routinely finding different results, like Address Records. This setting remembers your last find field and modifier, so if you always find records on “Last Name contains” CDM+ will automatically select “Last Name contains” when you open the window.