Speedy Numeric Keypad Entry

If you frequently enter financial data into CDM+, you probably use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. Did you know there is a preference in CDM+ that can help speed up your data entry by keeping your keystrokes together?

Under CDM+’s User Preferences, there is a Keyboard option on the General tab. This preference pane has one setting: “Keyboard Enter key acts like the tab key.” When you enable this setting, pressing Enter on the numeric keypad will move you to the next field while entering data, just like pressing the Tab key. So to enter a contribution entry, you might type a giver’s code, press enter, type the check number, press enter, type the total contribution, press enter, and input each breakdown amount. In the scenario all data entry is done with your right hand, leaving your left hand free to hold up a check or envelope.

This keyboard setting is unique to each CDM+ user, so you can turn it on without affecting your co-workers. Also, the setting only works on windows that focus on financial data entry, such as Batch Contributions Entry or the Ledger. A full list of these windows appears on the Keyboard preference pane.