Using the Keyboard to Change Records

Switching between a mouse and keyboard is time-consuming, so CDM+ offers keyboard equivalents for many commands. Let’s say you have a list of changes to make in address records. Here’s how to make them without using your mouse.

Begin by clicking Show All in Address Records. Click the Last Name column header to sort this list by last name and set your mouse to the side. Time to put those fingers to work.

Press tab until the results list is the current field. Type the first few letters of a last name to jump to that address record. Press the return (Mac) or enter (Windows) key to enter a change mode. Tab to the fields you want to change, make your changes and press return or enter again to save your changes. Type the last name of the next address to change and repeat.

Note that when using the mouse, double-clicking a line in the results list will initiate a change. This double-click is the same as selecting the list and pressing return or enter.