Printing Giving Statements

One of the most frequently used portions of CDM+ is the Contributions program. While churches and nonprofits enter gifts throughout the year, many only run statements once—in January. Here’s a printing tip that will help make this process smoother.

Set up your giving statements in CDM+ and preview them on the screen. When you’re satisfied with the results, print the statements to a PDF instead of to your printer. If you own CDM+ enhanced notices, PDF printing is built into CDM+. If not, you can use the built-in PDF printing features of Mac OS X if you’re a Mac user or a free PDF print driver like PrimoPDF if you run Windows.

Open the PDF of your giving statements and begin printing them. By using a PDF, you can easily print your statements in batches (such as 200 at a time) to control the printing. Using a PDF makes it exceptionally easy to re-print a lost statement, so keep the PDF in a safe place. When a giver needs another copy of their statement, perform a find on the giver’s name and print only that page.