Selected Records vs. Results List

Record Frame windows—the workhorses of CDM+—can easily create reports based on the results list at the top of the window. But did you know you could further customize what prints on the report by selecting only certain results to print?

Let’s say you’ve finished entering a number of ledger entries and want to print a report of your work. First, perform a find in Ledger Entries for records with a posting date of today. If the More Results button enables, click it until you’ve found all results. Click Print, select a report like Trial Balance and choose Results List before you click OK. Your report will show everything from the results list, in other words, all the entries posted today.

But what if you want to print just the entries that are more than $100? Click the header over the amount column to sort your results list by amount. Next, click the first entry greater than $100, hold down Shift and click the last entry in the list. When you click Print, choose Selected Records and you’ll get a report of just the entries greater than $100.