Showing Text on Toolbar Icons

CDM+ offers several ways to access the windows and reports in the program. One of these is the toolbars that appear, by default, at the top of your screen. Have you ever wondered exactly what each icon on a toolbar does? CDM+ gives you two ways to clarify each toolbar icon.

Under CDM+ User Preferences, select the Toolbars pane under the General tab. Check the option “Show Text” and click Save. Your toolbars will appear larger with text below each icon describing that button’s function. You can also right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) on a toolbar and choose “Show Text” to toggle the text on and off. Please note that if your toolbar is set to be floating, e.g. it appears in its own window, you cannot right-click it to toggle the “Show Text” setting.

While this text is helpful, it sometimes must be abbreviated to fit under the toolbar icon. For a full description of each button, hover your mouse over the button and a tooltip with appear describing the button’s function.