Pulling Out a Window

One of the core features in CDM+ is the record frame window, such as Address Records, Individual Records and Employee Information. Many times these windows will have all the information about a particular record—an individual, for example—split across multiple tabs. You can click each tab to see the information it contains, such as Photos or Groups, but did you know CDM+ lets you see multiple tabs at once?

Let’s say you always want to see an individual’s photo. Open Individual Records and click the Photo tab. In the lower, right-hand corner of the window you will see a small, black triangle pointing down. Click this triangle and the Photo tab will open as a separate window while simultaneously disappearing from the tabs on Individual Records. When you view an individual with a photo, it will appear in the separate Photos window. You can even make changes in this window during change mode. If you want to move the photos back to the Individual Records window as a tab, simply close the Photos window.

This is called “exploding” the tab, and you can explode as many tabs as you have room on your screen with the exception of the first tab. When you have exploded tabs, make sure to close the main record frame window when you’re done working in that window. When you next open Individual Records, your exploded tabs will open in separate windows just as they were before.