Link to Address

CDM+ tracks people as members through Address and Individual records. It can also track people who are customers, vendors, employees, etc. When an individual has multiple relationships to the church, CDM+ can link these records together and save you time when entering and updating data.

Let’s say a member of your church was hired to do some contractual work. Go to Employee Information and click Add. Enter the first and last name, employee ID and other relevant information. Instead of entering this person’s address, however, check Link To Address Rec. CDM+ will open a Select Address window when you can find this member’s address record. Find the record and click OK. You’ll notice the address fields can no longer be changed. Instead, as you make changes to this member’s Address Record, those changes will automatically appear in Employee Information.

If you need to disassociate the address record from the employee, simply un-check the Link To Address Rec. box. This would be helpful if the member wants correspondence to them as an employee, like a W-2, sent elsewhere.

This link-to-address feature is available on Customer Records, Employee Information, Vendor Records and Memorial Gifts Given.