Find Accounts

CDM+ Accounting is built upon the Chart of Accounts. Without a sensible accounting structure, reports are difficult to understand and offer little-to-no value. Producing valuable and accurate reports begins with data entry, specifically with choosing the right accounts for your invoices, checks, payroll setup, etc.

CDM+ can help you find the right account from any data entry screen. Let’s say you need to enter a purchase order for Vacation Bible School materials. Click the select account button to open the Select Account window. You could scroll through the Income/Expense accounts lists to find the Vacation Bible School expense, but that would be time-consuming and frustrating.

Instead click into the Find field and enter vacation. Press the return or enter key and CDM+ will instantly narrow the list of accounts to those containing the word vacation. Now you can double-click your expense account and proceed with the purchase order. You can switch between the full account list and the find results using the Show All and Show Find Results buttons.

The find field not only searches the description of accounts, but also their funds, categories and sub-categories. When you enter a search term, CDM+ will first search within the selected tab (Balance Sheet or Income/Expense). If there are no matching results on that tab, CDM+ will search the other tab and automatically switch to it if results are found.