CDM+ 9.0 is Now Available

A Major Upgrade

CDM+ 9.0 is a major upgrade to CDM+. Some user interface changes are introduced in CDM+ 9.0, but the majority of the enhancements are represented by work “under the hood.” With version 9.0, CDM+ has been re-tooled to use the latest technology in development tools in order to take advantage of the latest operating systems. With CDM+ 9.0, the software runs on Vista and Windows 7 without special compatibility settings. For Macintosh users, CDM+ 9.0 is Intel-native, resulting in dramatic speed increases. This means fewer issues when upgrading your computer’s software or changing hardware, such as printers.

A Different Database Backend

More dramatically, CDM+ 9.0 utilizes a different database backend. In this release we are deploying a new Suran Server that uses a widely deployed SQL server called PostgreSQL or simply, Postgres*. This change in databases brings so many exciting new features and increased functionality that future releases of CDM+ will exhibit enhanced speed and robustness in even more areas. Using the Postgres database backend allows us to continue to leverage CDM+’s Internet connectivity and Web Ministry Tools at levels not possible with the current database. Although these two enhancements to CDM+, new development tools and database backend, may not result in changes apparent to current CDM+ users at first glance, this work in the background means greater productivity and stability and allows for rapid future enhancements that will keep CDM+ positioned as a premier church management program for decades to come.

Some of the key features of CDM+ 9.0 are:

The Conversion to Postgres

Upgrading to CDM+ 9.0 requires conversion of your data from OpenBase to Postgres. This conversion must take place on your server and may take anywhere from several hours to all day to complete. CDM+ 9.0 will also have to be installed on every client computer that uses CDM+. An estimated conversion time for different database sizes can be found at

Field Tested

We began deploying CDM+ 8.2 in December 2009 for new sales and some other users. CDM+ 8.2 uses the same new development tools and database backend as 9.0. Therefore, hundreds of CDM+ 8.2 users have been field-testing the conversion, installation and features that are now available to all of our users in v9.0. We are excited to bring you the next generation of CDM+ and look forward to all of the new and enhanced features we can develop in the future.

*For more information about Postgres and clients who use them visit