Why Upgrade to CDM+ 9.0? For the Features!

Speed, Speed, Speed

During our development of CDM+ 9.0 we continue to look for ways to speed up reports, functions and data entry. As we identify areas that need to be reworked we will apply the tools available to us to deliver them to our users. The chart below reflects some of the areas in CDM+ that have benefited from this development. The results are from speed tests conducted on the same database in CDM+ 8.1.2 and CDM+ 9.0.

Server side emailing and SSL email support

For CDM+ 9.0 we developed a new SMTP manager that supports SSL emails. A new email engine provides more consistent email generation for rendering on a variety of email clients. This includes better graphics support for large text emails, whether graphics are in the body or as attachments.

Emailing to large groups is now done from the server, thereby releasing the client to do additional work in CDM+ as the emails are being sent. A dynamic outbox displays the results of the emailing so messages that cannot be sent are identified and held in the outbox for the user to correct and resend. All group email notices will automatically be recorded in the individual notice history tab for future reference and retrieval.

Consistent look and feel with Operating Systems

CDM+ 9.0 takes advantage of the different appearances presented by different Windows Operating Systems and Mac OS X. Windows, menus and report frames will appear more similar to other programs you use.

Recurring Giving in Contributions

This feature added to the Giving Unit Information screen allows you to set up regular giving that comes in on a consistent basis. As more people set up electronic contributions, either from their bank or by authorizing you to make the withdrawal, the recurring contributions feature minimizes data entry for these transactions. The recurring contributions feature is also the foundation for us to bring on-line recurring contributions requests via our on-line giving Web Ministry Tool.

Updated functionality on Custom Listings and Exports

A redesigned window interface for setting up exports and custom listings simplifies many functions available on these reports in previous versions of CDM+. The redesigned window on these reports will continue to be introduced in future versions of CDM+. A new pivot function on Custom listings allows for easy form generation of massive amounts of data.

Expanded Web Ministry Tool Integrations

Creating points of contact between your website and CDM+ is critical in today’s world. People turn to the web for instant information on what is happening. They want an easy way to stay in contact with other members of the church with current up-to-date information. Web Ministry Tools provides you with the ability to push information from CDM+ to your website or gather information from your website and have it automatically entered into CDM+. CDM+ 9.0 provides us with the foundation to begin to deliver a multitude of solutions that are easy to use and easy to implement. We started developing Web Ministry Tools in 2006 and have several tools like directories, calendar listings, on-line registration and on-line giving. These are available for you to use today.

CDM+ 9.0 has three key features for doing electronic banking through Web Ministry Tools:

  • Account numbers to track fees associated with electronic banking have been added to Event Records and contribution giving funds.
  • Process Pending Gifts allows for easy and accurate recording of giving to the proper contributor for year-end statements for gifts received on-line.
  • A Deposit Processing window gives easy reconciliation of electronic transactions that have been deposited into your bank account. This processing window displays detailed and account summary activity and then posts the deposit into your ledger, providing accurate accounting for all revenue and fees associated with electronic banking with very little effort.