CDM+ 8.1.x to CDM+ 9.x Conversion Time

Upgrading from some earlier versions of CDM+ (CDM+ Pro 8.1.x and CDM+ 8.1.x) to CDM+ 9.x will require a conversion of your data from one database server (OpenBase) to another (Postgres). CDM+ 9.x will perform this function automatically but it will take some time to process your records. As a part of the setup assistant in v9.x you will be prompted to select which data files you wish to convert. If you have multiple databases, you have the option to convert all of them in one session or to do them individually. We recommend that you first convert your primary database and then return to the setup assistant to convert any other data, such as archive files.

Your current data will not be affected during the conversion process. CDM+ 9.x is simply reading everything out of the existing database and importing it into the new Suran Server database. The old database will still exist unchanged after the conversion. We do recommend that you make a backup of your current database before proceeding. Then stop the database so users may not be able to access it during and after conversion. CDM+ 9.x can convert your data from a stopped database. Detailed instructions on installation and conversion are available from the download site.

The data conversion to CDM+ 9.x must take place on the computer that is your current database server. If you wish to use a different computer as the database server for CDM+ 9.x, back up the converted data and restore the backup on the new computer after installing CDM+ 9.x on that computer. The chart below shows average conversion times. Please note that these are averages and the speed of your computer and your data record structure will likely cause the actual conversion time to be more or less.

To determine the size of your database, you will need to locate the OpenBase directory on your server and within the Databases directory you will see database. On a computer running Windows, you get to the Databases folder by opening My Computer, (1) double-clicking on Local Drive (c:\), (2) double-clicking the OpenBase folder and then (3) double-clicking the Databases folder. Right-click on the folder that is named beginning cdmdata (for example, cdmdata.db) and select Properties to see the size. On a Mac, open the Databases folder within the OpenBase folder. The database will have a .db extension and the file name will also start with cdmdata (for example, cdmdata.db). Right-click or command-click and select Get Info to see the size.

Users currently on CDM+ 8.2 do not need to do a conversion of data. There is an update to the Suran Server that needs to be installed but your data is already using the Postgres database. The reorganization of your data will be longer when upgrading to CDM+ 9.x than when network update is installed, but should be less than 30 minutes.

If you are currently running CDM+ Pro 8.0 or prior, you must contact Suran Customer Service (800-633-9581) to schedule the conversion of your data by our staff.