What Does CDM+ 9.0 Cost?

CDM+ 9.0 is a free upgrade via download for all users currently enrolled in either the free 90-days-from-date-of-purchase support for new CDM+ purchases or the annual CDM+ Premier Support plan. CDM+ 9.0 is available for purchase for those not on support OR you may enroll in support. The cost of the upgrade varies for those not on support and is based on programs owned and user licenses. Contact the CDM+ Sales Department (877-891-4236 or sales@cdmplus.com) for more information.

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NOTE! The first time you access your data with CDM+ 9.0, the program will check our records to be certain you are currently authorized to use CDM+ 9.0, so you must be authorized at the time of upgrading your copy of CDM+, not just at the time of downloading the installer.