What Does the Giving Solution Toolkit Cost?

CDM+ users enrolled in the CDM+ Data Hosting service get a discounted price of $21.95/month for the complete Giving Toolkit (includes the Single Gift Tool, Single Gift Tool API and the Givers Portal). The price for users not on Data Hosting is $34.95/month. If you do not already have a merchant account with Stewardship Technology, you will need one. Stewardship Technology charges $20/month and a one-time setup fee of $99, plus per transaction charges that vary with the type of transaction. We have found that a merchant account with Stewardship Technology is extremely reasonable compared with other solutions.

If you buy other Web Ministry Toolkits at the same time, there is a bundled toolkit discount in addition to the discount for Data Hosted users. Call 877-891-4236 for details.

The Giving Solution Toolkit includes all of the following:

  • The Single Gift Tool
  • The API version of the Single Gift Tool (Using the API version requires knowledge of server-side programming language. If you have access to that expertise, you can create forms within the tool that flow seamlessly with your website instead of occurring in popup windows.)
  • The Givers Portal for givers to set up recurring online gifts and/or check their current giving record