2011 CDM+ Users Conference Interviews

Click on an attendee's photo or name to watch his/her video testimonial.

Andrea Merryman

"My favorite thing is that you learn how to 'fix' things you mess up!"

Carol Pettigrew

"Newsletters and year-end Giving Statements will be a breeze ..."

Darryl Gutierres

"The instructor really opened my eyes to that feature ..."

Donna Perryman

"I have recommended CDM+ to another church in our community."

Joan Nelson

"I highly recommend the conference to any CDM+ user!"

Kathi Schwomeyer

"I like taking anything advanced so I can answer questions back home."

Michele Hackney

"I've learned a lot of shortcuts and had a lot of questions answered."

Mark Loy

"I see benefit in coming back ... I'm hitting classes I didn't get to last year."