In order to access data in a hosted CDM+ database, a CDM+ administrator must provision the device in CDM+ desktop software.

Provisioning Provides Security and Customization

  • Pairs a particular device with your CDM+ database
  • Ensures the device gets to the right data, and that it doesn't see information to which it has not been granted access
  • Allows you to customize a device for only certain features (such as Attendance entry for specific classes, Pastor's access to Visitation and Pastoral notes, tablets set up for self Check-In, tablets used as kiosks for barcode Attendance entry, etc.)

Importantly, if you ever need to disable a device you have already provisioned, CDM+ provides a master switch to do just that at any time.

Login with a 4-Digit PIN or with Biometric Authentication

When interacting with your database from a provisioned device, the operator of the device will need to login to CDM+ Mobile by entering a 4-Digit PIN or by using the device's biometric authentication (ie, fingerprint or facial recognition). This ensures that someone who picks up a phone or tablet that doesn't belong to them won't have access to information in your database.