The Givers Portal

With the Givers Portal, members of your church family can:

  • create (and change) at any time their own recurring gifts

    Givers can create for themselves recurring contributions to any funds you make available and at any schedule.
    For instance, Mary Smith may set up autodraws from her checking account to give $50 weekly to the General Fund and $100 monthly to the Building Fund, and $200 autodraw from her savings account annually on her late mother’s birthday to the Memorial Fund.

  • have secure online access to giving history

    Givers can check the amounts of their gifts over the previous 12 months anytime they choose through the secure Givers Portal--no more waiting for a scheduled giving statement in the mail (or email) or needing to call the church office or financial secretary.

You decide when you set up each Givers Portal what you want the tool function to be: set up recurring gifts, view giving history, or both. Because the Givers Portal does store payment information, a login is always required to donate through a Givers Portal. Givers must be in your church's database, but the tool can instruct potential donors who are not in your database to contact the church office for help.

See a Givers Portal in action.

Note: Use the following login information to test this Givers Portal –

Username=lucya Password=cdmplus