Giving should be easy, not cumbersome. In a time when banking and paying bills online has become commonplace and people write fewer and fewer checks, it makes sense to offer your congregation the convenience of donating to your ministry online, too. You can do that with the Online Giving Toolkit, one of the premium toolkits in our suite of CDM+ Web Ministry Tools.

With the CDM+ Online Giving Toolkit, you'll:

  • provide a SECURE online experience
  • even out weekly giving patterns
  • increase giving overall
  • respond more quickly to crisis needs
  • make it easier for far-away friends to support your ministry
  • be able to choose whether or not to accept credit card payments

And, last but not least...

  • save time entering contributions into CDM+! The CDM+ Giving Toolkit automatically enters online gifts into CDM+ Contributions.

The Giving Tool
The Givers Portal
What Do I Need to Use CDM+ Online Giving?