Details of Accounting/Payroll Classes (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

Accounting Principles – Just starting in CDM+ accounting? Have little or no accounting experience? Desire to learn the basics of fund accounting? We designed this class for you. The class covers an introduction to:

  • Double-entry accounting including Account Types
  • Debits and Credits usage
  • Funds and Fund Accounting
  • Relationship of Ledger entries to Income/Expense and the Balance Sheet reports

Getting Started in CDM+ Accounting (Chart of Accounts) – Introductory training essential to the accurate setup of the Accounting program. Explanation of the information users need to have when beginning accounting setup given with a full explanation of CDM+ Funds. Setup of the Chart of Accounts and Beginning Balances demonstrated. All users of CDM+ Accounting should take this class.

  • Gathering the information needed to begin; your current reports
  • Explanation of both Funds and Fund Accounting; undesignated and designated Funds
  • Creation of the Chart of Accounts will be explained and demonstrated
  • Setting up your organization's Assets

CDM+ Accounting Setup – The next steps in setup of the Accounting program are presented: entering Beginning Balances, verifying balances with reports, preparation for check writing and Vendor Records. All users of CDM+ Accounting should take this class.

  • Entering the Beginning account balances previewed
  • Check formatting demonstrated
  • Basic vendor setup presented

CDM+ Accounting Entry – Essential training on entering Ledger transactions and using Accounts Payable. Step-by-step presentation on entering Ledger Entries and using the Accounts Payable process to track payables and write checks. This class is essential training for anyone responsible for paying bills, entering deposits or creating journal entries.

  • How-to demonstration given for entering the three types of Ledger transactions
  • Step-by-step instruction for using Accounts Payable including creating invoices, marking invoices for payment, writing checks and posting to Ledger
  • Demonstration of using the Find on the Ledger Entries record to select transaction

CDM+ Accounting Procedures – An understanding of Accounting Ledger entries and completing your Bank Reconciliation is the focus of this class. All financial users can benefit from this information.

  • Detailed review of the Ledger Entries record fields and their use
  • Explanation of Ledger Entry Types: Check, Deposit and Journal Entry
  • Setup and use of Recurring Ledger entries presented
  • Completion of the Bank Reconciliation process demonstrated

CDM+ Accounting Period Ending – Essential training on month-end procedures including Bank Reconciliation and closing the period. Step-by-step training on doing a Bank Reconciliation and trouble-shooting issues related to its completion. Selected month-end reports will be previewed and demonstrated. Persons responsible for month-end accounting and reports should take this class.

  • How to setup and complete a Bank Reconciliation; trouble-shooting tips for completing the reconciliation
  • Explanation and demonstration of closing a month
  • Review of two Balance Sheet options
  • Preview of Trial Balance and Ledger to Budget reports

CDM+ Accounting Ledger Reports – Accounting reports are used to analyze the fiscal condition of your organization. The basic accounting reports are reviewed and demonstrated.

  • Check and Deposit Listing reports
  • Ledger by Accounts report
  • Income and Expenditures report
  • Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports
  • Fund Activity report
  • Check Register report thru Account Balances

CDM+ Accounting Comparison Reports – Comparison and summary reports are the main focus of this class. Custom setup of these reports is demonstrated.

  • Ledger to Budget and the Monthly Comparison reports
  • Monthly Summary and the Range Summary reports
  • Budget and the Budget Comparison reports
  • Account Balances report
  • Exporting files to Excel is demonstrated

CDM+ Year-End Accounting Closing – Learn essential steps in reviewing year-end accounting reports, creating year-end journal entries and closing the months and year CDM+. Class will discuss issues and demonstrate “how-to” actions for common year-end accounting procedures.

  • Creation of year-end ledger entries demonstrated
  • Month-end and year-end closing procedures reviewed
  • Review of selected year-end reports

CDM+ Year-End Accounts Payable 1099 Vendors – Simplify the work of producing 1099 and 1096 forms for appropriate vendors by taking this class. Learn to select the vendors who should receive a 1099 form for 2014 and verify the accuracy of their reportable tax totals. Demonstration of printing certified 1099 and 1096 forms from CDM+ will be shown.

  • Review Accounts Payable vendors for correct setup & payment amounts
  • Review all vendors for possible 1099 reporting with ease of one report
  • Find out how to edit 1099 information, if needed
  • Learn to print certified 1099s and 1096 forms directly from CDM+

Getting Started in CDM+ Payroll – Introductory training essential to the proper setup of the Payroll program. Step-by-step Payroll setup is demonstrated with explanations as to the implications of setup decisions. Setup and updating of Federal, State and Local taxes presented.

  • Payroll Setup explained and demonstrated
  • How to update Federal and State tax tables and create Local taxes and other deductions
  • Multiple examples of entering and setup of employees presented; including minister setup

CDM+ Payroll Entry – Basic training on payroll entry and calculation. Step-by-step presentation of completing payday entries and producing payroll checks provided. All persons responsible for creating paychecks should take this class.

  • Input of pay period entries for salaried and hourly employees demonstrated
  • Use of View Payroll to review current payroll for accuracy before checks are written
  • Printing of payroll checks demonstrated
  • Post payroll transactions to Ledger and Posting Report explained

CDM+ Payroll Procedures – Instruction to assist in dealing with payroll situations such as voiding a payroll, re-issuing a payroll check, correcting employee setup, validating W2 and 941 information and verifying balance sheet payroll liabilities. All persons responsible for maintaining payroll records accurately should know this information.

  • How to Void a payroll entry and re-issue a payroll check
  • Correcting an employee payroll setup demonstrated
  • Using the Taxable Income Detail report to validate 941 and W2 information explained
  • Tracking Sick, Vacation and Comp time through payroll demonstrated
  • Selected payroll reports will be previewed

CDM+ Payroll Period End – Essential training on month-end and quarter-end procedures required in CDM+ Payroll. This class will cover verifying month-end tax and deduction withholding totals and liability totals. The creation of checks and auto-draw entries to pay out these withholding will be demonstrated, as will the creation of the IRS 941 quarterly statement.

  • Validate period end tax and deductions withholding amounts through payroll reports
  • Verify Balance Sheet liability account balances
  • Presentation and explanation of creating the 941 quarterly statement
  • Demonstration of checks and auto-draw payments for amounts withheld

CDM+ Year-End Payroll Update – Steps to prepare for accurate 2015 payroll records and print certified 2014 W-2s and W-3 tax forms will be taught in this class. Employee setup/changes for the upcoming year and printing year-end tax forms will be presented.

  • Presentation of how to update employee information for the new year
  • Demonstration of the use of CDM+ Payroll reports to verify payroll reporting accuracy
  • Step-by-step presentation of printing W-2s and W-3 forms from CDM+ 9.2

Electronic Banking with CDM+ – This class covers how CDM+, in partnership with a Stewardship Technology merchant account, facilitates electronic banking through Online Giving and Registration Web Tools, recurring contributions, and one-time charges. Learn how CDM+ simplifies the process of tracking electronic funds transfer from receipt to posting in the ledger.

  • Demonstration of the use of the Process Pending Gifts window
  • Step-by-step presentation of Deposit Processing window
  • Demonstration of using Web Tools Payment Administration page