New Features in CDM+ 9.2 Payroll

Some of the most significant enhancements in CDM+ 9.2 are in the Payroll program. We have partnered with an electronic tax forms company, Aatrix, to provide all federal and state tax forms. This service assures that you will always generate the correct tax reports on the federal and state level. In addition, CDM+ 9.2 Payroll allows you to e-file your W-2 and W-3 forms free of charge and, for an additional cost, you have the option to have printed forms mailed to your employees for you.

We’ve made this change to CDM+ Payroll not only to make your job easier, but also because we want to ensure, to the best of our abilities, that you are calculating the correct tax liabilities and staying in compliance with changing payroll tax laws. In the past, CDM+ users could generate payroll with incorrect tax tables or incorrect tax calculations if they did not perform a tax table update or neglected to keep their version of CDM+ up-to-date. So, another feature in CDM+ 9.2 is automatic updating of tax tables. Gone will be the day that you had to remember go to the Tax Tables window and click a button to update tax tables!

Over the past four years, we’ve seen more payroll tax changes from the federal government than in the previous 22 years that we’ve provided payroll software to churches and non-profits. Our commitment to you is to help you be in full compliance with state and federal payroll tax law. To this end, beginning in 2014, we will require anyone producing payroll out of CDM+ to maintain enrollment in the CDM+ Premier Support program. When you generate payroll, CDM+ will make sure you have both the latest tax tables and CDM+ version. When you produce tax forms, CDM+ will check to make sure you have the correct tax forms available. To offset our costs in bringing these important payroll program changes to you, Premier Support cost will increase by $5 a month for all payroll users. This support increase will be reflected in Premier Support renewal invoices beginning January 1, 2014.

See the CDM+ 9.2 Upgrading FAQs for more information about how CDM+ 9.2 Payroll operates and how the software will check to make sure your copy of CDM+ is current with up-to-date tax tables when generating payroll.

Note: Accounting users that do NOT generate payroll from CDM+ will not be charged the additional Payroll support fee if they notify our Customer Service Department at 800-633-9581 or prior to their next support renewal.

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Write Checks in CDM+ 9.2 Payroll

There is a new Write Payroll Checks window. Note that payroll records are queued from Paid Date and not payroll period date. Next to the Paid Date is a drop down list to control the printing of Checks only, Auto Draw only or both Auto Draw and Checks. When Auto Draw and Checks is selected, CDM+ will pause between these two types and prompt you to change paper in the printer if necessary. Click on the Calculate Time Off icon calculate time off. The list of payroll that has been calculated and either checks not printed or payroll not posted will appear on the Check List. The two buttons in the top right corner of this window control which list is displayed: Click on the pencil icon to display unprinted checks; click on the refresh arrow icon to show checks that are assigned check numbers but not yet posted. This serves the same function as the Show drop list on the Write Payroll Checks window in previous versions of CDM+.

Tax Tables in CDM+ 9.2 Payroll
(tax tables automatically update)

The Tax Tables window layout has changed in CDM+ 9.2. The new interface displays tax rates for federal and state taxes but will not allow you to modify these rates. Tax table changes are automatically updated from our servers as needed. CDM+ 9.2 supports multiple tax years for all federal and state taxes beginning in 2014.

Tax Forms in CDM+ 9.2 Payroll

CDM+ has partnered with Aatrix, a tax forms service company, to provide all federal, state and some local tax forms. These forms can be printed or e-filed (fees may apply). All tax forms are now located together under Tax Forms on the Payroll Reports menu. The Fed/State drop list the right lets you toggle between federal and state forms. The list on the left will change to display the current forms available to you based on your selection. Click to highlight a form to see the Form Description below. Please note that the IRS Form 941 is listed as 941/Schedule B/941-V Report. The 941-X Report is used when filing an amended 941 form. Note that all dates on tax forms are based on Paid Date. After choosing the appropriate form click the Show Form button.

The first time you click the Show Form button, you will be prompted to download and install the Aatrix Form Viewer application. Click Yes to the message and follow the prompts to install it and any necessary fonts. Once the Aatrix Form Viewer is installed, return to the Tax Forms window in CDM+ and click Show Form again.

At this point you are in the Aatrix Form Viewer application. CDM+ will check to make sure you have the current tax forms available. Information from CDM+ has been transferred to Aatrix to complete the necessary tax forms, as reflected in the Company Setup Wizard.

941 Form in Aatrix Form Viewer