Upgrading from CDM+ 9.2

All CDM+ 9.2 users, regardless of their Premier Support program enrollment status, are entitled to upgrade to CDM+ 9.3 no extra charge.

Note: CDM+ 9.2 and later require a current Premier Support enrollment in order to use CDM+ Payroll. Call us at 877-891-4236 to enroll in CDM+ support.

Upgrade to CDM+ 9.3 on any one computer running CDM+ 9.2

  1. Log into CDM+ 9.2.
  2. Select Update from the File menu and follow the prompts to update your copy of CDM+ and database to the latest release of CDM+ 9.3. User permission to update CDM+ is required.
  3. Once your CDM+ database has been updated to v9.3, any other user attempting to log into it using CDM+ 9.2 (or an earlier release of 9.3) will be prompted to update his or her copy of CDM+.

Consider enabling automatic checking for updates

  1. Log into CDM+.
  2. Select CDM+ User from the Preferences menu.
  3. Click on the Web Update icon on the General tab.
  4. Click to check the box next to "Check for program updates at startup" and click Save.

Download and install CDM+ 9.3 on any additional computers not running CDM+ 9.2

  1. Verify that every computer on which you wish to run CDM+ meets the system requirements for CDM+ 9.3.
  2. Go to the CDM+ 9.3 download page and download installers for your operating system.
  3. Run the installer.
  4. Open CDM+ and follow the instructions to set up a client computer and connect to your database.