Not sure what version of CDM+ you are currently running?

  • Open your copy of CDM+, but do not log in or, if you are already logged in, log out without quitting/exiting CDM+.
  • Your version number appears in one of the top corners of the Login window. It will say something like Version: 9.2.17, 9.1r19, 9.0r13 or 8.1.2r3.01.

    The important thing to note is the numbers that appear before the "r" to identify which choice to make on the Upgrade page.

    Note: Users with version numbers beginning with 8.1.1 or 8.1.2, regardless whether their login window says CDM+ or CDM+ Pro, should choose the CDM+ 8.1/CDM+ Pro 8.1 option. If your CDM+ login window looks nothing like the illustrations above, you are running an extremely old version. Call CDM+ Customer Service at 800-633-9581 for assistance in determining your version number and upgrading to CDM+ 9.2.