Track Relationships Using Connections 

Common threads enrich the fabric of your church. The new Connections feature lets you share valuable insights about key relationships that are so essential to understand and nurture. You'll love that it's easier than ever to know at a glance how folks fit into their blended and extended families. You can maintain the link between households when individuals have matured or moved on. Keep track of just about any interpersonal relationship you can imagine -- friends, relatives, co-workers, spiritual mentors, memorial designees.

You can also use Connections to illustrate relationships between a dozen other types of records in your database. In CDM+ 10, you can create Connection Types for any of these records: Address, Check-In/Check-Out, Church, Contact, Customer, Employee, Event, Individual, Memorial Designee, Payer, Resource, Room, Vendor, Visitor

Stop depending on your memory - or someone else's - to know how everyone and everything fit into the big picture. Connections lets you keep a record of these important links in the chain of people that drive your mission forward.

New Look Throughout CDM+ 10.0

Some of the most significant enhancements in CDM+ 10.0 (released October 12, 2016) are in the appearance of record and report frames.

Of course, we've kept the consistency you count on in CDM+. It's still important to us to maintain the continuity across windows that makes CDM+ so easy to learn and use. 

The new layouts are designed to take advantage of today's wider and higher resolution monitors. CDM+ 10.0 supports full retina/HDPI displays and is sharp and crisp when running on them. To help make your reports look just the way you want, we added new document previews and made all the previews easier to search. We've also hidden any menu items that don't apply or aren't accessible due to permission limits (set by your administrator). Menus are now collapsible, windows easier to resize and refresh. In CDM+ 10.0, you'll find many enhancements designed to customize the appearance of your workspace for the exact view you want.

Payroll Direct Deposit  

Employees prefer the convenience of direct deposit -- fewer trips to the bank, quicker access to cash, and the option to deposit funds into several accounts. Users of CDM+ Payroll have a streamlined direct deposit solution that will transfer funds to your employee's bank accounts with one click of the mouse.

In earlier versions, our Payroll software accommodated Direct Deposit through a multi-step process that required you to work with your banking institution to execute the transfer of funds to your employees. Now with Native Direct Deposit in CDM+ 10 you can achieve the same result without going through your bank or incurring bank fees which later must be posted to your ledger and reconciled.

CDM+ 10.0 allows you to process payroll at your convenience and schedule the transfer of funds for a later date. It is integrated into the payroll process in CDM+ so there's no file to upload. Any fees charged by the payment processor, our merchant banking partner Stewardship Technologies, will automatically post to CDM+ Accounting.  And from what users tell us, Stewardship Technologies fees are considerably lower across the board when compared with most banks. If you are already using our Online Giving solutions, then you will be able to use the same Stewardship Technologies account to transfer funds directly into your employees' choice of bank accounts. 

CDM+ Mobile Capabilities Extended with CDM+ 10

The current version, CDM+ Mobile 1.9, gives you on-the-go access to your hosted CDM+ database from your device of choice.

Call, text or send email from a mobile device to contacts in your CDM+ database. View and enter pastoral notes wherever you are – no need to take notes and enter them later. Create or act on Reminders for yourself or other members of your care team. Send personal SMS text messages to Individuals or Groups using your mobile device's messaging service, even personalize them by including fields from your CDM+ database. This is ideal for church leaders who wish to communicate a quick reminder, a last-minute change notice, or a personal prayer request to all of the members of a specific group. Need to change the location or time of the meeting taking place tomorrow? A text message may reach its audience faster than email and more reliably than a social media post.

Plus, you can instantly update Individual photos in your CDM+ database from your smartphone – take a photo of a new member with your phone and with just a couple of clicks, publish it in your church's online photo directory.

The CDM+ Mobile Attendance app eliminates the need for printed rosters and the double work of taking attendance on paper and then entering it later – staff or volunteers can record attendance for any gathering or group. With barcoded IDs, attendees can check themselves into classes, events, services, and more.

You can easily make attendance and giving history available to staff and leaders. Empower your committees with an app that lets them easily how engaged an individual is. You provision each device for its intended purpose, so you're always in control of who can view confidential information or who may make changes to the database.

More "Under the Hood" Developments in CDM+ 10

Version 10.0 supports full 64-bit computing on Windows machines and is a native Cocoa application on the Mac. What that means is speed, speed, speed - plus better stability of operations throughout the program.

CDM+ will also be the platform to support our growing products of Engage and CDM+ Mobile. Released alongside CDM+ 10.0, CDM+ Mobile 1.8 added SMS texting from your mobile phone to numbers pulled from your CDM+ database.

For more information about upgrading to CDM+ 10.0 or CDM+ Mobile 1.8, or to inquire about adding Premier Support or Data Hosting, call 877-891-4236 or email

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