Checking Your Version of CDM+

CDM+ is constantly being updated to fix known problems and provide new functionality to enhance your ministry. It's a good idea to keep your CDM+ system current. This page contains instructions for how to check for the current version of CDM+.

What Is Your Version of CDM+?

You can find your version of CDM+ by using About CDM+ from the File menu (Windows) or the CDM+ menu (macOS). The System Information tab contains both the current version and the current build number.

CDM+ System Information Screen

If your version of CDM+ is different from the current version, then you should update your CDM+ program.

What Is the Current Version of CDM+?

A quick way to check for the current version of CDM+ is to visit the Downloads page on the CDM+ Knowledge Base. At the top of the page, you will see the current version of CDM+ with link to the installer files for that version.

Downloads page from CDM+ Knowledge Base

Updating CDM+

Your option for updating CDM+ will vary depending on the version that you are running, whether you are on Premier Support, and whether you meet the system requirements