Filing Year End Tax Forms

Tips and Information to Simplify Your Filing of Year-End Tax Forms

Paper for W-2 Forms

W-2’s can be printed on plain white paper. However, the program will prompt you to load 4-part paper for printing. Employee copies are printed four up. If you do not want to use perforated  paper then we suggest you cut the copies for the employees before passing them out. You can order 4-part paper for W-2’s from Dynamic Systems. Go to to get the correct forms. You can also find them at your local office supply store.

1099-MISC Forms

The IRS copies of the 1099 must be printed on red pre-printed forms. The other 1099 copies can be printed on plain paper. Go to Order Business Checks and Forms to get the correct forms. You can also find them at your local office supply store. The deadline for filing 1099 forms has changed this year, it is January 31st. 


You can also e-file your tax forms. E-filing is a one time cost of $1.99 per employee. When you e-file, Aatrix will submit all of your tax forms to the federal and state governments. It will also mail W-2s to all of your employees. In addition, Aatrix has added a new service for e-filers. Employees who use H&R Block or Intuit tax service can import their e-filed W-2 information. See the announcement below about this new service.

New Aatrix Forms Viewer

There is a new Aatrix forms viewer for Windows users. The first time you access Payroll forms from CDM+ you may experience a longer than normal period before you can access the forms. So last minute preparers be aware!

CDM+ Support

If you have any issues or concerns about using the Aatrix tax forms from CDM+, please DO NOT CONTACT Aatrix directly. Please call our support line at 800-633-9581 for assistance. 

There are very helpful videos on how to prepare W-2 forms and 1099 forms. These videos are available at

Announcement from Aatrix

Exciting News! Aatrix has teamed up with both H&R Block & Intuit to offer eFile customers the option to participate in the new Aatrix Tax Form Transfer. The IRS is encouraging approved eFile providers like Aatrix to offer this new service. This is a service offered at no additional charge to the customer, it is simply included in the value of eFiling. eFile Customers will see a new screen during the W2 eFile process with details and will be asked if they would like to participate by selecting either "Yes" or "No" to agree to the new Aatrix Tax Forms Transfer Agreement (EULA). For the customers that select Yes, if their employees decide to use H&R Block or Intuit product to file their income tax forms (it's not required), they will have the opportunity to import their W2 data after authenticating themselves. The additional layers of authentication will help eliminate fraudulent tax returns and assist with eliminating errors that occur while hand keying W2 information. Aatrix has made this possible by implementing the secure technology as required by the IRS to allow the importing of W2 data.