Federal Tax Table Update

This morning we released the latest federal tax table changes as published by the IRS. The next time you generate payroll these tables will AUTOMATICALLY be updated.* The IRS is still working on new W-4 forms, and when they are released, another update to the tax tables will be necessary. The new tables assume the same allowances and tax status of Married/Single/Head of Household that employees have claimed in the past. 

More information on the release of these tables is available on the IRS web site.

*Tax tables are automatically updated for users on our Premier Support or Payroll Support program only. Users on 9.3.6 and older will be able to calculate payroll with these new tables. However, we strongly recommend that you are on our latest version of 10.1.6. If there is a program update needed to properly calculate taxes that will be done in a 10.1.x or higher release. For more information about being on the latest version of CDM+ visit http://www.cdmplus.com/10.1.