grade promotion

CDM+ helps you handle school grade promotion with ease.  In this article, we will cover how to promote individuals to their new grade and transfer them to their promoted class or group.

Before we begin, let’s talk about why you would want to use the grade field in the individual record as well as the difference between a class or group.  The grade field in the individual record tracks the grade level for each child in school.  If you need to track how many children you have in a certain grade, the best way to do that would be through the grade field.  Class and group fields are fields that you create and assign individuals to.  These fields list the different Sunday School classes, mid-week classes and other church classes that individuals would attend. 

When you have individuals assigned to a class or group, you can then take attendance for that class or group. You can also print a list of members assigned to that class or group for your leaders.  It’s also great for tracking involvement of individuals in your church and what classes they attend and how often.

Understanding the different fields and their function, let’s start with promoting a child to the next grade level in school. In our example, Kylie is in grade 10.  Now that the school year has ended, you need to promote her to grade 11.

Individual Record window for Kylie

While you could go to each individual and change their grade, it can take a long time.  We created a utility that will move all individual records to their new grade.  You do this in the Address Utility window.  

Note: This does not update the class or group they are in.  We’ll address that later in the article. 

In the Membership/Address Utilities window you will see the list of grades on the left.

Address Utilities

The current column shows the grades already recorded in the individual records.  The new column shows what their grade will be once the update is complete.

There is a button next to the current column that look like a pair of glasses.  Clicking on that button will show you the individual records in that grade.

Address Utilities window showing Glasses icon

Once you have the grades the way you want them in the new column and are ready to change the grade level, simply click on the update button.

Updating Address Utilities window

Once the update is complete, you can look at the individual record and see it has moved the grade up to the number put in the new column.  In our example, Kylie’s grade is now 11.

Kylie’s individual record showing the updated grade

Updating the Classes or Groups

Individual List Maintenance provides a quick and easy way to transfer individual records to a new class or group.  When moving children up to a new class or group, it is best to start with the highest-grade level.  

The Individual List Maintenance window is divided into two sections.  The left section is where you will pull up the list that you are going to remove the names from.  The list on the right is where you will pull up the class or group that you are going to move the name to.

With the Individual List Maintenance window up, click the list tab on the left side.

Selecting List tab on Individual List Maintenance window

Once on the list tab select the code type and code of the class or group you are transferring the individual from.

Select Group on left side of Individual List Maintenance

On the right side, click on the code type and code of the class or group you will be transferring individuals.

Select Group on right side of Individual List Maintenance window

To move an individual to the new class, double-click their name on the left-hand sidelist to transfer it to the list on the right.  If you need to move more thanone individual, select them, then click the Transfer Selected button.  

A green circle is next to the names added.

Showing the transfer of Emily Fields from last years grade to this years grade

Note: There are two modes of transfer– Move and Copy.  Click on the radio button to select the transfer mode you want to use.  A moved name will be clearedfrom the original list; a copied name will remain on the list.

Once you have transferred all the individuals, click save.  Continue this process for each class until you have transferred all individuals to their promoted class or group.