Audit Logging allows you to see who made changes and when to a record.

Audit Logging tracks changes to records throughout CDM+, such as Address Records, Contribution Records, Ledger Entry Records, etc. Open a Record Frame window like Contribution Records and click on the Record tab. The Record tab shows you who made changes and when. In the example below, Jody changed the gift on July 27, 2019. But what changes did she make?

audit 1

CDM+ 11 Audit Logging answers the "what" question too!

CDM+ 11 allows you to click on the Update item and see the changes made to the record. In our example, Jody made these changes:

  1. Entered an asset for the gift, and
  2. Entered a note in the Memorial/Note field


Early Adopter Release Available

This new feature is available in the current Early Adopter Release so turn on the Early Adopter Channel in System Preferences under General → Web Update. Then, go to File > Update and you will see the latest CDM+ 11 Early Adopter release.


2019 Annual Users Conference


This years Annual Users Conference is going to be big. We will showcase all the new features of CDM+ 11 during this years Annual Users Conference including Audit Logging. We don't want you to miss it. To register, click the link below to take advantage of the early bird discount rate (ends August 23, 2019). 

CDM+ Users Conference 2019

Audit Logging is a new feature in CDM+ 11 — coming this Fall!