Guide to Processing New Accounts

When a giver creates a new account through Engage, they produce new individual, address, and giving unit records in CDM+. In order to help you process these new records with confidence, we’ve created a guide to processing new accounts.

In this guide you will find clear steps demonstrating how to:

  • Process the giving unit
  • Process the individual
  • Process the address

How to Use This Guide

Begin with giving unit, then proceed to individual, and finally to address. Under each step, select the statement that matches this giver's situation and follow the displayed instructions.

Follow this link to get started:

We hope that this guide helps make life a little bit easier! Be on the lookout for new tools currently in development to further streamline this process.

If you have feedback or questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to call support at (800) 633-9581 or email