August 2020 Product Updates

With the arrival of August comes the release of new CDM+ product updates! Our team has been hard at work this summer developing new features and updates that will matter to you.

In CDM+ 11.1 Beta 3 and this week’s Engage update you can:

  • Merge Giving Units
  • Reprint Deposit Processing Reports
  • Make multiple gifts in a single text
  • Experience improved Engage Setup and Payment Administration
  • Enjoy speed increases across CDM+ Mobile and Engage
  • Setup Payroll accommodations for unique state requirements

We encourage you to take a look at the complete list of updates and new features at the links below:

CDM+ 11.1 Beta 3:

Engage Updates:


Known Issue

After launching CDM+ 11.1.0 Beta 3 for the first time on a computer  you may encounter sporadic errors using CDM+. 

To fix this issue simply open and immediately close CDM+ after the installer finishes. You can then open and use CDM+ normally.


Webinar Replay


CDM+ 11.1 System Requirements

macOS or 64-bit Windows Required

With the rollout of CDM+ 11.1 this Fall, CDM+ will no longer run on 32-bit Windows machines. To find out if your Windows is a 32-bit version and for instruction on how to upgrade to the 64-bit version of Windows, simply follow the link below:

If you are running CDM+ on macOS you will not be affected by this changing requirement. CDM+ 11.1 will run on the same Macs that run CDM+ 11.0.


CDM+ 11.1 Required for Payroll and 1099s in 2021

If you are running CDM+ Payroll it will be required that you upgrade to CDM+ 11.1 to calculate payroll or produce tax forms in 2021. CDM+ 11.1 will also be required to produce the new 1099-NEC form that will be used to report non-employee compensation for 2020.

We understand that system upgrades can take some time and planning so we wanted to give you as much advance notice as we could.


Windows 7 Support Ending Soon

CDM+ 11.1 will run on Windows 7, but looking a bit further into the future, we plan to drop support for Windows 7 with the release of CDM+ 12.0, planned Fall 2021. We recommend Windows 10 (64-bit) for any Windows-based computer running CDM+.



As always, if you have any questions about the webinar or the upcoming system requirement changes, please call support at (800) 633-9581 or email