switch to flat rate fees and fee assist

Discover what's possible during the holidays with Flat Rate Fees and Fee Assist!*

  • Flat Rate Fees – Enjoy consistent and predictable credit and debit card fees
  • Fee Assist – Offer your givers the option to cover online giving transaction fees, so you can receive 100% of your donor's intended donation

When you make the move to Flat Rate Fees, you open the door to offering Fee Assist to your givers.

Don't wait! Change the way you Engage with your givers and make the move today.

Switch to Flat Rate Fees

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to switch to Flat Rate Fees.

  • CLICK HERE to download Stewardship CDM+ Flat Rate Fee Form.
  • Enter your organization name
  • Initial where indicated
  • Email the completed form to customerservice@suran.com along with your organization name and location
  • You will receive a confirmation notice once your merchant account has switched to flat rate fees


Turn on Fee Assist

Switched to Flat Rate Fees and ready to turn on Fee Assist? It's easy!

CLICK HERE for simple directions to turn on Fee Assist.


Contact Us

 Give us a call at (800) 633-9581 or email support@cdmplus.com with any questions.

Not using Engage? Call 877-891-4CDM (4236) or email sales@cdmplus.com.


*Fee Assist and Flat Rate Fees require enrollment in Engage Complete.